Terms and Conditions


Through your participation in the Storeplex Token Sale, you are entering into a binding agreement with Storeplex LTD, a company registered and incorporated in United Kingdom. Storeplex LTD is referred to in these Terms & Conditions as “Storeplex”, “Company”, “We”, “Our” or “Us”. Persons interested in participating in the Storeplex Token Sale shall be referred to in these T&Cs as “contributor”, “participant”, “your”, or “you”.

You MUST NOT participate in the Storeplex Token Sale if you are a citizen, resident or Green Card holder of the United States of America. By agreeing to these T&Cs you are hereby confirming that you are a citizen or resident in a jurisdiction that does not make it illegal for you to participate in the token sale.

To participate in the Storeplex Token Sale, you as a contributor MUST send Ether to the Storeplex Token Sale smart-contract. Upon receipt of a successful transaction which meets all of the requirements set out below, the contributor will receive PLEX tokens at the designated exchange rate at the time of the contribution.

To determine the amount of PLEX tokens allocated to the contributor following a successful contribution, the amount of Ether the smart contract receives shall be divided by the price of one PLEX in Ether, with any additional bonuses as offered by us at our discretion being added.

Contributions MUST be made exclusively to the Storeplex Ethereum Address. This can be found only on the official Storeplex website at www.storeplex.io. We shall not be held accountable for contributions which may be sent but not received by our Ethereum Token Sale contract address.

Contributions made to the Storeplex Token Sale MUST only be made in ether and MUST be sent from a wallet which you control and is capable of receiving ERC20 tokens. You acknowledge that any contributions which are made by you by sending other cryptocurrencies which are not Ether risk losing the contribution in its entirety.

Any contributor who wishes to make a contribution in Ether which exceeds $10,000 USD in value MUST complete our Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure, as required by EU Regulations. If it shall be deemed reasonable to suspect money laundering activity has taken place by us or any other regulatory or law enforcement agency, you understand that we may inform or cooperate with such agencies including passing on information collected by us.

Contributions MUST NOT be sent to the Storeplex Token Sale smart-contract from an exchange wallet. You agree that we shall bear no responsibility if you make a contribution from a wallet which can not receive your tokens. We have no requirement to return or refund any Ether received from an exchange wallet. Any tokens sent to the exchange wallet which made a contribution to the Storeplex Token Sale smart-contract are no longer in our possession and are owned by the exchange itself. We are not responsible for, nor can we influence, third-parties policies when it comes handling such matters.

Any contributions made which exceed 15 Ether will not be accepted by the Storeplex Token Sale smart-contract and will be returned to the wallet which made the contribution. Any amount which does not meet the minimum contribution amount of 0.01 Ether will be rejected and returned to the sender.

To take part in the Storeplex Token Sale, you must provide us with personal information as requested by us from you when initiating the procedure to purchase PLEX tokens from our website. By providing us with this information you confirm that all information that you have provided was correct and accurate at the time of registration.

By making a contribution to the Storeplex Token Sale you agree that:

You are legally permitted to take part in the token sale and have the legal right to receive and hold PLEX tokens in your jurisdiction.

You have provided Storeplex with accurate information and have not made an attempt to mislead or deceive us. You will provide us with additional information if required to ensure that we can meet our legal obligations.

You are at least 18 years of age or older at the time any contribution to the token sale is made.

You acknowledge that participating in the token sale is not an investment and that there are associated risks involved.

You acknowledge that Storeplex has never, or is, promising or guaranteeing a return of profit on your contribution. For contributing Eth to the token sale you are receiving PLEX tokens which can be used on the Storeplex marketplace and any other platforms which adopt the use of PLEX.

You acknowledge that you are not purchasing shares in Storeplex LTD nor are you making an investment under the assumption or guarantee that Storeplex tokens will increase in value.

You accept that through making a contribution, you are receiving PLEX tokens on an “as is” basis.

You acknowledge that all purchases of PLEX tokens are final and irreversible. Any Ether received by the smart-contract will not be returned and it is up to our discretion to issue any such refunds in Ether if you, the investor, are at fault, such as in the event of sending Ether to the smart-contract from an exchange wallet.

A total of 50,000,000 (50 million) PLEX tokens have been created which are held by Storeplex LTD and shall be distributed in a way described in our whitepaper and as we see fit. A further 50,000,000 (50 million) PLEX tokens can be created as set out in the Storeplex Token Sale smart-contract which shall be forwarded to any eligible contributing wallets upon receipt of an investment. Our token sale smart-contract mints (creates) tokens upon receiving Ether. This constitutes to 50% of the PLEX maximum total supply being made eligible for purchase by investors. PLEX token is a utility token created on the Ethereum blockchain and will be used as a medium of exchange on the Storeplex marketplace. PLEX tokens are used within the Storeplex ecosystem and do not represent shares in Storeplex LTD.

You acknowledge that Storeplex LTD has the right to spend any funds raised from the Storeplex token sale as we see fit. It shall be up to our discretion how funds are distributed and spent. More information on how we plan to use funds raised from the token sale can be found on our website and in our whitepaper.

Any disputes or claims which shall arise from this agreement, in connection to the sale of PLEX tokens, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. Courts of the United Kingdom shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes or claims.

Contributions over 10,000 $USD or 15 ether will always require KYC prior to PLEX distribution. Other contributions may require KYC if requested by legal or regulatory authority.